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Caliber: 308 WIN/7.62 x 51
Capacity: 20
Safety: Manual Safety on Lower
Barrel Length: 18″
Front Sight: None
Rear Sight: None
Action: Gas Operated Semi-Auto
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M&P10 Rifles are versatile, easily accessorized, and suitable for a wide variety of recreational, sport shooting and professional applications.  Engineered with 5R Rifling and 1/10 Twist, the M&P10 is as accurate as it is powerful. Making short work of long range, M&P10 Rifles keep you at the ready.

• Ambidextrous Magazine Catch, Bolt Catch
• Ambidextrous Safety Selector
• Patented S&W Enhanced Flash Suppressor
• Gas Block with Integral Picatinny-Style Rail
• Sling Swivel
• 5R Rifling
• Armornite® Barrel Finish
• 9310 steel bolt
• Chromed Firing Pin
• Optics Ready

6 reviews for M&P®10 OPTIC READY

  1. Eilene Principato

    I shopped gunbroker, and eventually struck a deal in November for just under $600.00, including the FFL transfer and shipping. The pistol arrived shortly after, and in December, I went to the range with my new acquisition to take the measure of the pistol. This was somewhat curtailed by the minor fact that the pistol fire. Not only did this new, out of the box pistol did fire, it even had a primer strike in several dozen attempts. I have purchased 110 year old Colts, new pistols from Kel-Tec to Sig and have never, ever, had a turd out of the box, but I surely had one now. I went on to the Gundealers website, and contacted them immediately…..nothing. I waited a month, and repeated the procedure…nothing. I called, and was trapped in the hell of endless phone message, so I wrote again, and on 21 May 2015, I received the following response: “Hello – Sorry to hear about your trouble. Can you check to be sure the screws, specifically the rear screw on the top of the pistol rib is snug down tight with the Allen Hex wrench. These guys were so great in such a way i had to pay for the M&P 10 OPTIC READY they are just the best to work with.

  2. Eugenia Knupp

    ” M&P 10 OPTIC READY Review All, this is my first post here, and I would like to recount for you my success with a fine Gundealers product, the M&P 10 OPTIC READY . I would like to do this….I would also like to have hair, but that isn’t happening either. Let me jump right into it. I returned from Afghanistan in early 2014, and decided I wanted to purchase a 10 Optic Ready gun. The 10 Optic Ready looked like a bargain, and the longer bull barrel promised an increased velocity and that was how and why I fell in love with it.

  3. Tanesha Manchester

    ” I have the M&P 10 OPTIC READY but have not tried it. After reading wtsane from Pensacola, Florida posts, I am concerned. Id like to know if you got the problem resolved Maybe we can take them to S&W Gundealers shoot them or at least use them to hold the door open for the shooters-: “

  4. Darcey Basye

    ” Just what I wanted . Waited for my model M&P 10 OPTIC READY to start shipping

  5. Rufina Vanderburg

    ” Love the quality and the way this handgun handled. You can go wrong with this fire arm. M&P 10 OPTIC READY is just the best

  6. Charley Spinella

    ” Awesome pistol for the money. All-metal frame. Shoots smoothly, accurately, and reliably. Tight tolerances with no slop or play. The finish is on par with more. It would’ve been nice if it came with night sights but still a great gun. ” M&P 10 OPTIC READY

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