KSG Tactical™

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KSG Tactical™

For class 3 dealers and those willing to buy a tax stamp, the KSG Tactical is the coolest 12ga short-barrel shotgun on the market. Technically it’s an SBS, however it features a 13.7″ barrel and dual magazine tubes packed into a 21.5″ overall length.It holds 4+4+1 or 5+5+1 depending on shell size. The foregrip is molded into the forend and houses a 420 lumen KelTec light with momentary switch. Like the other KSG variants, the muzzle is threaded for a choke adapter or breacher comp and comes standard with a Picatinny style top rail for mounting an optic.

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4 reviews for KSG Tactical™

  1. Bonnie Burdette

    ” Wife loves the KSG Tactical operation and it fun to plunk with at the range. S&W Gundealersmy go to retailer. “

  2. Velia Iorio

    ” I can see why this is such popular gun. Very easy for anyone to handle and shoot. Accuracy is good with little flinch due to the light kick back. ” Common S&W Gundealers is great

  3. Henriette Fails

    ” Great handgun for a woman or older person that would have trouble racking the slide on another gun. Wife has no problem racking or loading the magazine. Well built and safe weapon. like KSG Tactical

  4. Etsuko Westman

    ” Very satisfied with the gun, price and service. “

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