KSG Compact™

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KSG Compact™

Sure, fill out the short-barrel shotgun paperwork… and then take this lil’ guy home while you wait for that tax stamp to come in. Or, just leave the 18.5″ barrel alone and enjoy all the benefits of an SBS without the fuss. It still holds 4+4+1 or 5+5+1 of 12ga depending on your choice of shell size. It’s compact, features a built-in foregrip that houses a 450 lumen KeltTec light with momentary switch and Picatinny style rail up top for mounting your favorite optic.

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2 reviews for KSG Compact™

  1. Thalia Lofton

    The Shield didnt hiccup once and it was accurate, comfortable and a blast to shoot! At least a dozen customers have shot my Shield and all of them really liked the size, feel, excellent trigger and light recoil that this gun presents. I had two customers offer me 500 for my gun on the spot but I told them no. There are none in town right now. I carry it in a pocket holster sometimes 7 round mag installed and in a pancake holster most of the time. My round count must be over 1000 by now and I have had zero malfunctions. This gun is a winner! ” but KSG Compact

  2. Vicenta Lozano

    ” I ordered the KSG COMPACT from S&W Gundealers the first week they came out. It arrived two days later and I immediately ran 200 rounds of range ammo through it. It fed all the reloaded range ammo, hollow points, and general junk I could find in the “scrap ammo” bucket at the range. I work at a gun range so I shoot lots of guns and I see what works and what doesnt

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