DT11 Black Pro


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DT11 Black Pro

Il DT11 Black Pro nasce dalla collaborazione con i campioni del Beretta Shooting Team per offrire a tutti i tiratori la massima possibilità di customi zzazione della bilanciatura e del fitting del calcio in modo autonomo, sempre reversibile ed immediato.
Di fatto, DT11 Black Pro offre tutte le caratteristiche innovative del DT11 Black Edition, con l’aggiunta di due pesi removibili in volata e dei nuovi calci interamente regolabili da trap, skeet e sporting che Beretta ha sviluppato con TSK.

Built in collaboration with the Beretta professional shooting team, the DT11 Black Pro offers an infinite amount of customized fit and balance options. The Beretta by TSK stock perfectly fits the anatomy of any shooter and helps them find the best set up for their individual needs by adjusting the comb, cast, length-of-pull, and pitch in an extremely simple, immediate, and reversible way. The inclusion of two removable muzzle weights add additional customization options. You can easily shoot trap, skeet, or sporting clays with this versatile gun thanks to its easy set up and customized fit options.


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